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WPEngine’s Disallowed Plugins – How To Clear Them Out

WPEngine is an excellent hosting provider. Some plugins are incompatible with their systems. This handy little plugin will help you identify them.

Blog archive Robin Metcalfe 5th December 2017

Updated 15th September 2023 – I’ve updated the list of disallowed plugins

WPEngine is a great hosting solution for WordPress websites. Because they offer a self-contained and secure hosting environment, one restriction is that there are a number of plugins that they will not allow on WordPress installations. It’s handy to have a quick way to detect the WPEngine disallowed plugins.

WPEngine Disallowed plugins

Note: this plugin is ideally used in development environments, where you may be transferring a site to WPEngine after it’s built, and need to make sure that you haven’t included any of the disallowed plugins.

screenshot of remove plugins plugin

Download the “WPEngine Disallowed Plugins” plugin


This is a lightweight plugin that will scan your current plugin directory and determine if you are currently running any plugins that will need to be disabled and removed prior to transferring your WordPress installation over to WPEngine.

WPEngine itself is reasonably lenient on this. If they detect any of these plugins in your installation, they’ll give you a 7 day notice period before deleting them, but it’s always nice to make sure that you’ve got everything in hand prior to a site transfer.

Installation & Setup

This plugin contains the list of WPEngine disallowed plugins as of 15th September 2023. WPEngine may update or add to this list at any time, so it’s worth checking the list at WPEngine’s support site.

You can upload the plugin either by using the Upload function in the Plugins menu in the WordPress admin dashboard, or copy the folder within the .zip file straight into your /plugins folder, then manually activate the plugin via the Plugins menu.

Copy the text in the grey box under “Complete List” into disallowed-list to update the plugin’s list of plugins to check for, if you want to ensure you’re running against the newest list.

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