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Hi, I'm Robin Metcalfe.
A Full-Stack
Website Developer

A talented and enthusiastic developer

15 Years Of Experience

Throughout my career as a web developer, I've been fortunate to work in a range of disciplines and with numerous different technologies and platforms

  • I worked from inception with a luxury furniture e-commerce startup to help bring their business up to a £350k ARR using my WordPress and WooCommerce skills.
  • I've engaged directly with multi-billion $ companies to deliver front-end solutions and provide technical insights.
  • I've worked with international design agencies and have met seriously awesome industry experts.
  • I've had clients from many industries, including health, housing associations, finance (including cryptocurrencies), hotels & hospitality, travel & tourism, international education providers and have delivered personalised and targeted development assistance for a wide range of situations.

I've developed a truly multi-faceted approach to web development and am equally as comfortable working on front-end/client-facing code as I am building back-end solutions from CMS to CRMs to fully bespoke data-driven apps

I'm up for any challenge, so if you've got something you reckon might test my talents, give me a shout! I'm happy to hop onto a call to discuss any project proposals

Bringing knowledge and innovation to the table

A Twist On An Old Tale

There is nothing new under the sun, as the old wisdom goes.

Every idea has the potential to become something better, something inspirational. It's all about the execution.

No matter what your idea is, I believe that with the right approach, the right implementation, you can shine brighter than your competitors and gain traction even in a saturated market.

After all, strong competition is a sign that there's a big prize to be won.

If you're looking to gain the advantage over your opponents in business, get in touch and we'll discuss what you need and how to get it done.

The Right Tools
For The Job

  • A powerful content management system


    An extremely capable all-rounder. WordPress has been powering an enormous chunk of the internet for 20 years, and is showing no signs of slowing down.

    It's a pure content management system which means it excels at giving you the control you need over your content.

    It's not limited to just content sites or blogs. WordPress powers some of the most unique experiences on the modern internet. It's an extremely capable system.

    Find out more about WordPress

  • An extremely capable and dynamic framework


    Laravel is a widely used and extremely powerful PHP framework. This is the tool Robin turns to when he needs to build something far more flexible and customisable than WordPress can provide. The trade-off here is time and cost, with a Laravel project costing a fair bit more than a WordPress one.

    Find out more about Laravel

  • A fluid and flexible hybrid approach


    Craft is an excellent content management system for slightly more complicated websites with more moving parts. Think of it as sitting somewhere between WordPress (CMS) and Laravel (framework)
  • Full client control


    Webflow is another route you can take if you're looking to have more control over the layout and appearance of your site. Webflow is what's known as a no-code solution, allowing the full layout & content management system to be built entirely within a WYSIWYG visual editor.

    Trade-offs here are that you rely entirely on a 3rd party external service for your web layout and content, as opposed to WordPress where everything is under your control.

    But it's worth it if full control over your site's layout is important to you.
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Frequently asked questions

What services does Solarise offer?

Solarise offers a comprehensive range of digital services, including website development, consultancy, and ongoing support. Solarise is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to ensure an online presence that is robust and tailored to unique needs. E-commerce solutions, content management, and mobile app development are also part of the offerings, ensuring a holistic digital strategy for any brand.

Why is a professional website important for a business?

A professional website acts as the digital storefront of a brand. It not only enhances credibility but also provides a platform to showcase products or services. In today's digital age, a majority of consumers research online before making purchasing decisions. A well-designed, user-friendly website can significantly influence their choice, driving more conversions and business growth.

Which platforms does Solarise recommend for building websites?

Solarise works with a variety of platforms based on the project's requirements. WordPress is recommended for content-driven sites due to its user-friendly interface. For custom applications, Laravel offers flexibility and robustness. Craft CMS is excellent for tailored content management, while Webflow is preferred for intricate visual designs. The platform recommendation always aligns with business goals.

How long does it typically take Solarise to develop a website?

The development timeline varies based on the project's complexity. A basic website can be up and running in a few weeks, while a more intricate e-commerce site or web application might take a few months. Solarise ensures to understand requirements thoroughly and then sets realistic deadlines, always prioritizing quality and attention to detail.

Does Solarise offer post-launch support and maintenance?

Yes, Solarise believes in building long-term relationships with clients. Post-launch, a range of support services are offered, from regular content updates, bug fixes, to adding new features. This ensures every website remains updated, secure, and functional at all times.

How does Solarise ensure a website is mobile-responsive?

Every website developed by Solarise undergoes rigorous testing across various devices and screen sizes. Responsive design techniques are employed to ensure the layout, images, and functionalities adapt seamlessly to mobile devices. This ensures a consistent user experience, irrespective of the device used to access the website.

Can Solarise help with website migrations or redesigns?

Certainly! Solarise handles website migrations and redesigns. The transition is ensured to be smooth, retaining all essential data, and optimizing the website's performance during the process. A redesign also gives an opportunity to refresh the look, making it more contemporary and user-friendly.

How does Solarise approach website security?

Security is a top priority for Solarise. Best practices are employed, such as using trusted platforms, regular updates, secure coding practices, and SSL certificates. Periodic security audits and vulnerability assessments are also conducted to ensure every website remains impervious to threats.

Does Solarise offer e-commerce solutions?

Absolutely! Solarise provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions, from setting up product listings, integrating shopping carts, to secure payment gateways. Solutions for inventory management, customer reviews, and other essential e-commerce features are also provided, ensuring an online store is both functional and effective.

How does Solarise ensure the websites built are SEO-friendly?

Solarise integrates SEO best practices from the get-go. This includes clean and semantic coding, fast loading speeds, image optimization, and effective content hierarchy. Meta tags, alt attributes, and other on-page SEO elements are correctly implemented, setting a strong foundation for future SEO efforts.

Can Solarise integrate third-party tools and plugins?

Yes, Solarise has extensive experience in integrating a wide range of third-party tools, be it CRM systems, email marketing tools, or any other specialized plugins. These integrations are ensured to be seamless and do not affect the website's performance.

Does Solarise provide training on how to manage a website?

Absolutely! Solarise offers detailed training sessions post-launch, enabling clients to manage their websites effectively. This includes content updates, basic troubleshooting, and understanding the website's analytics.

What's the difference between a CMS like WordPress and a framework like Laravel?

A CMS like WordPress is user-friendly and ideal for websites where content updation is frequent. Laravel, on the other hand, is a PHP framework that offers more flexibility and is ideal for custom web applications. While WordPress provides a ready-to-use platform, Laravel is more suited for bespoke requirements.

How does Solarise handle feedback and revisions during development?

Solarise has a structured feedback process where progress is periodically shared with clients. Collaborative tools are used that allow clients to provide feedback directly. This iterative process ensures the final product is in line with expectations.

What's the investment range for a typical website project by Solarise?

The investment varies based on the project's scope and requirements. A basic website will be more cost-effective compared to a complex web application. After understanding the needs, Solarise provides a detailed and transparent quote, ensuring there are no hidden costs.

Why should someone choose Solarise for their web development needs?

Choosing Solarise means partnering with someone that values excellence and innovation. The vast experience, combined with a commitment to staying updated with industry trends, ensures a website that is not just current but also future-ready. Solarise focuses on building solutions that drive growth and enhance online brand reputation.


Robin has worked with many incredible clients over the years


Our design and development (primarily WordPress) studio has worked with Robin for nearly a decade, and even after all this time, he always amazes me. Robin is a wonderfully thorough, analytical, pragmatic problem solver; I can't recall a challenge (even ones that, to me, seemed insurmountable) that Robin hasn't methodically and brilliantly worked through. Though he has deep knowledge of WordPress, I'm also impressed by his ability to jump into any framework or technology; if he's unfamiliar with it, it won't be long before he works through (often vague) documentation and develops fluency. Lastly, though highly technical, Robin always approaches problems from a client and user-centric point of view; he understands the overall objective and is quick to brainstorm and offer solutions that pack the most ROI and achieve business/user needs. He is a delight to work with--an asset to my studio--and I recommend Robin without reservation!


I worked with Robin whilst developing an app to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition for the venue. He was well versed in most of the APIs required, and where he wasn’t so sure he spent the time to research them. Project management went smoothly with regular updates. His ability to avoid technical jargon, explain the complex in plain English, and his patience for many changes were only some of his his strengths.


Robin proved himself to be a talented and competent developer. His creative thinking, expertise, positive attitude made him a pleasure to work with. He went above and beyond in providing exceptional service and support, and showed genuine integrity and respect as a service provider. I would happily work along side him again.


Robin is a fantastic person to work with. He is approachable and professional, and his knowledge of web design and coding is very impressive. I will use Robin as a first port of call for any web projects I have because I know that he delivers results. Highly recommended!


Robin is a very capable software engineer.

In the project we collaborated on, although the requirements were incomplete and changing, Robin was able to deliver a high quality solution quickly.


Robin is an excellent team member having originally worked directly as tam member and subsquently as sub-contractor on a number of projects. He is always willing to challenge and to provide innovatiove solutions that work.

Going that extra mile is a strength and looking for solutions that will address issues is always a strength that Robin has in abundance.

I have no hesitation in giving my strongest recommendation as to quality and workmanship for Robin


Robin is the best web developer I have worked with bar none. He’s attention to detail and ability to make any web page cross browser compatible is outstanding. No matter what issue I had Robin had a solution very quickly. I have used Robin on projects for the last 4 years and will continue to do so.

Powerful Solutions

Content Management

Ratchet up your content game with powerful CMS tools to leverage yours and your customers' data. Ensure that your editors have access to everything they need to power a next-gen experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the power of A.I. both in your project workflow and within the core of your site to provide slick, engaging experiences for your end-users and customers.

Fast. Faster. Fastest.

Optimise, serve and deliver over high speed CDN connections. Customers all over the globe will receive your online services rapidly and with minimal lag.

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We'll send you a free advice guide containing info on everything from design to development, giving your project a kick-start!
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  • Detailed estimate
    Prior to providing a full quote, you'll get an estimate reflecting the scope of the final costs and timescales.

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